Tokata Oil Recovery Overview

Tokata's Oil Recovery’s Platform is a new and innovative oil recovery production system for marginal / stripper wells. Our turnkey, fully integrated, portable oil recovery platform can be deployed quickly and economically to recover oil from previously producing oil wells with known reserves. The Tokata Oil Recovery System® does not pull up measurable amounts of water, therefore, costly oil/water separation is not necessary nor is there a need for expensive on-site remediation for hydrocarbon-laced water.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has reported, in the United States alone, approximately 218 billion barrels of oil have been left behind in wells after primary and secondary pumping processes. Their petroleum engineers have identified over 245,000 abandoned “stripper” wells covering six US states that are prime candidates for our Tokata Oil Recovery Platform®.

Our “outside the mainstream” method of pumping tertiary oil is “The Greenest of Green Technology”: a) minimal energy requirements per bbl of lifted crude, perhaps, up to 95% LESS energy cost b) many wellhead locations are suitable to utilize solar energy to power the pump.

Unique to the marginal / stripper well industry is Tokata Oil Recovery’s nominal unit costs, which together with commensurate low deployment, maintenance and lifting costs result in an above-industry-average Energy Return On Investment. By significantly reducing the investment risk we take advantage of the vast size of the market and dollar for dollar will be able to pump many more wells than the current competition.

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